• Rightcoding

    35% of all WC medical bills should be manually reviewed for improper upcoding, generating 8-10 points of additional medical cost reductions. This is what drives superior bill review performance.

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  • Corporate Independence

    DDC is an independent advisory firm with no financial affiliations with any direct managed care providers or TPAs.

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  • Group Purchasing

    DDC leverages the combined buying power of its self-insured client base to achieve preferential pricing for all our clients.

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  • The Sentinel Effect

    To achieve superior financial performance, WC managed care programs must be continually audited just like claims programs.

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  • Finding Alpha

    DDC finds and extracts industry-beating financial performance, or “Alpha,” from your existing WC managed care vendor.

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  • Hidden Economies

    An ancillary profit center for claims administration, WC managed care is an opaque industry where vendors can capitalize on hidden fees and deliver suboptimal financial performance.

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  • The Emperor Has No Clothes

    The managed care industry knows its pricing and performance is broken, but won’t change without a vocal advocate for the self-insured payer.

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David Donn Selected as Keynote Speaker for Michigan Self-Insurers Spring Conference

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May 1, 2009 David Donn Consulting, Inc., a workers’ compensation managed care advisory and research firm exclusively serving the employer community, today announced that its President, David A. Donn will beRead More