Donn & Company Team

David Donn|CEO

Mr. Donn is the founder and CEO of Donn & Company (DonnCo), a specialized workers’ compensation managed care advisory and research firm exclusively serving the employer and carrier community.

Mr. Donn is the former Vice President of Employer and Occupational Services Group (EOS), the former workers’ compensation managed care subsidiary of Health Net, now part of Aetna/Coventry Health Care, one of the largest health care companies in the country.

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Court Orsborn|President

Mr. Orsborn is the President at Donn & Company (DonnCo). Highly respected within the industry for his expert knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism, he is responsible for the research, development and implementation of cutting edge services and strategies, managing the development and maintenance of DonnCo’s managed care database tracking service provider product and performance data, industry-wide performance trends, and current market pricing averages. Mr Orsborn's quantitative aptitude has been a critical factor in being able to assess the true performance of managed care providers across all services and products.

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Sarah Antle|Business Manager

Ms. Antle is the Business Manager at Donn & Company (DonnCo). Ms. Antle oversees the activities of workers; hire, train and evaluate new employees; and ensure that a company is on track to meet its financial goals. Develop and implement budgets, prepare reports for senior management and ensure the company complies with policies. Ensure workers have the resources to complete their work. Perform human resource activities. She is also responsible for managing all office operations in the areas of marketing initiatives, personnel management, accounting, customer relations and IT.Read More

Susan Cipollone|Medical Bill Review Auditor

Mrs. Cipollone is the Medical Bill Review Auditor for Donn & Company (DonnCo), a boutique workers’ compensation managed care advisory and research firm exclusively serving the employer and municipal insurance pool community. Mrs. Cipollone performs targeted audits on client medical bills.Read More