Program Evaluation & Restructuring

There are many moving parts and factors that lead to lost WC and PBM benefits dollars; DonnCo provides you with immediate and practical suggestions for bottom-line improvements to your program. DonnCo introduces product transparency and demystifies program design, pricing structure, options and performance thresholds giving you the knowledge to make informed decisions to improve your program.

A report is provided to you specifically discussing areas for financial and operational performance improvement. The report provides a detailed discussion of how to implement cutting-edge strategies and obtain financial and operational efficiencies. DonnCo manages the implementation process to achieve maximum results through research-backed and database-supported negotiation, restructuring, and program enforcement.

Ongoing Optimization of your Managed Care Program:

  • Medical Bill Review
  • PPO
  • Case Management
  • UR
  • Pharmacy Benefits Management
  • Medical Provider Network

Donnco fees are usually considered ALAE costs by its clients as we directly reduce paid medical at the claim level and in aggregate. This is done through reducing medical cost containment costs (bill review/PPO fees; UR and case management and PBM) and improving bill review service provider savings.