About Donn & Company: Workers Compensation Managed Care Advisory and PBM Consulting Firm

  • Rightcoding

    35% of all WC medical bills should be manually reviewed for improper upcoding, generating 8-10 points of additional medical cost reductions.  This is what drives superior bill review performance.
  • Corporate Independence

    DonnCo is an independent advisory firm with no financial affiliations with any direct managed care providers or TPAs. No Lunches, No Tickets, No Money, No Nothing
  • Group Purchasing

    DonnCo leverages the combined buying power of its self-insured client base to achieve preferential pricing for all our clients.
  • The Sentinel Effect

    To achieve superior financial performance, WC managed care programs must be continually audited just like claims programs.
  • Finding Alpha

    DonnCo finds and extracts industry-beating financial performance, or “Alpha,” from your existing WC managed care vendor.
  • Hidden Economies

    An ancillary profit center for claims administration, WC managed care is an opaque industry where vendors can capitalize on hidden fees and deliver suboptimal financial performance.
  • The Emperor Has No Clothes

    The managed care industry knows its pricing and performance is broken, but won’t change without a vocal advocate for the self-insured payer.

DonnCo is the first fully independent WC managed care advisory and PBM consulting firm to exclusively serve the employer community. DonnCo’s services are focused on WC managed care program (medical bill review, PPO, case management, UR and PBM) and group health PBM evaluation, restructure and audit, and vendor selection services. Our clients are full and partially self-insured corporations, public agencies and Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs).

Since its inception in 2002, DonnCo has provided clients with cutting-edge medical cost containment techniques and strategies, as well as practical consulting services aimed at optimizing savings and reducing medical costs through restructuring underperforming programs and introducing operational efficiencies. A unique combination of expert insight, industry influence and the power to affect change has meant many of their practical “firsts” have become standards for the industry.

With a strong background in business, finance, and analytics, DonnCo has become a trusted advisor to clients who appreciate their fresh perspective and distinctive ability to bring a money management approach to cost containment programs. DonnCo’s sole aim is to maximize our client’s managed care goals by providing unbiased, relevant information and advice. To ensure this objective, we limit our business exclusively to managed care and PBM consulting. DonnCo is not affiliated with any managed care service provider nor does it receive financial remuneration from managed care service providers.