David Donn: Demystifying Managed Care in Workers’ Compensation Programs

May 17 – May 19, 2017 Indianapolis, IN

By David A. Donn, CEO, Donn & Company

This session will provide a basic overview of the distinctions between workers’ compensation managed care and group health. A high-level overview of some of the “hidden economies” will also be provided with supporting illustrations. Lastly, a more extensive question and answer session will enable participants to ask questions the goal of which is to further educate the group based on specific areas of interest.


  • Main Differences
  • Key Commonalities
  • Leverage Opportunities


The NLC-RISC Trustees Conference provides trustees and pool administrators of state municipal league risk pools the opportunity to learn about industry trends, programs, services and pooling best practices. The conference offers many opportunities to share creative ideas and solutions and to network with peers from across the country.