David Donn: Understanding the Hidden Economy of Medical Bill Review


October 20, 2015 – 2015 NLC-RISC Staff Conference

By David A. Donn, President, David Donn Consulting, Inc.

This session will explore the medical bill review process for workers’ compensation claims and the costs associated with these services. Learn how medical bill review companies make money and strategies pools can undertake to ensure that they are managing costs effectively. Hear about the experience of the Vermont and Virginia pools in conducting medical bill review audits to identify potential cost savings, the results to date, and lessons learned.


• Learn the most important areas financially, contractually and operationally to focus on in medical bill review audits to identify potential cost savings and to test the “financial health” of your program.

• Discuss how audits can help strengthen the relationship with your bill review and managed care provider.

• Hear how medical bill review audits and the potential savings experienced by the pool can help “market” your program to your members in a way that sets it apart from your competitors.